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Wandering the World

Stories and tips from around the world.

About Me

I work as a web developer in Leicester - a city in England. When I'm not working I'm usually either running or travelling the world with my camera. Here on this blog you can read a little about both! Over the years I've visited all seven continents, and have now visited about 15% of the world. It'd be nice to think that one day it may be possible to see all of these.

I've run over ten marathons so far, and have started to catch up with the number of ultra marathons. Oddly my favourite distances are 10K and Marathon so I'm usually working on both speed and distance.

I started blogging in the 90s, before it was called blogging; I used to keep track of project in what was called a .plan. Hopefully this current blog which has now been going for over ten years won't be as boring!