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The Lion King

The Stage Play

My sister is a big fan of anything Disney, but specifically, The Lion King. So, my second visit to the Disney 100 exhibition was booked in to be with her on a cold January morning. Though for months before, until Christmas Day when I gave her the tickets, what she didn't realise was that we'd be going to see The Lion King stage play in the West End in the afternon after, with a short interlude at the Disney store on Oxford Street.

Once the morning's activiites were over, we headed over to the Lyceum Theatre, and headed up many flights of stairs. At the top there was a bar, and a merchandise stand from which my sister got her plush Simba and tote bag I'd ordered for her. She seemed pretty happy with them, but I thought the bag was a little rubbish.

Our seats were then at the front of this section, so we had to go down quite a few stairs. From there though we could see most of the theatre, and could appreciate just how high off the ground we were. We certainly wouldn’t want to be dropping anything off this!

The play opens as you’d expect, with animals gathering to witness the presentation of Simba, the new heir of Pride Rock. The vocals on this opening were fantastic, and the number of animals was impressive. Pride rock rose out of the ground so that the other animals could look up to this.

A lot of the performance does mirror the animated movie, but there are some changes to make it work better for the stage, and some additional songs to give some of the other performers more to do. The interval is just after you’re introduced to the grown-up Simba during the ‘Hakuna Matata’ song, so you’re prepared for the cast change when going into the second half.

It was a fun show, and one I would recommend people seeing, especially if they enjoyed the original animated movie.

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